They Have Another Meaning(s)?


Assalamualaikum n hai everyone~ :)

Holla everyone.

How are you there?

I hope whoever read this post are gonna be fine, hopefully :)

Today I just wanna share something that I found on Facebook.

Something that might makes you LOL. :D

(Beware : it might hyper-activate yr endorphin and neurotransmitter. HAHA.)

Enjoy yr reading on that pic below.

That's all I wanna share in this post..


So how?

When I'm digesting this on my mind, I was like... 
"Oooohhh, Wahhh.."

*it's creative, isn't it?*

I don't ever know about these before... huhu.

One final question, 

Any suggestions for another words?

Ok lah, that's all for the last but not for the least...


Adios Amigos~ ^_^


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